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giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Summer is over

Come promesso tornerò a pubblicare i miei post ogni giovedì e quali foto potrebbero essere meglio delle ultime ore passate in vacanza tra le valigie e una passeggiata ad Anzio!?!
Ovviamente pubblicherò nelle prossime settimane dei ritagli delle altre giornate al mare e uscite varie, a settembre usciranno anche delle interviste su vari siti di moda quindi non posso che dirvi:"stay tuned"!!

I will return, as promised, to publish my posts every Thursday and which photos could be better than the last hours spent on vacation among suitcases and a walk in Anzio!?!

Of course, in the coming weeks I'll post the scraps of other days at sea and various outputs, also will be released in September some interviews on various sites of fashion so I can not tell you:"stay tuned"!!

Prima Donna shoes
Zara skirt

H&M shirt
Intimissimi brassiere
Alviero Martini sachet

Iglot nail polish

View of Anzio's beach

The port!
Some tools of fishermen

and a hurricane came in to my summer room...
( part of my clothes brought to holiday)

Purchase off-season to which I could not resist...

The maxi t-shirt/pijama in summer... I love it!

I share the summer room with my brother ,but this is without doubt my part =)

A sweet moment with my mother on the day of my 3th birthday

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